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*Note: Attendees must be registered for the Conference (full or daily) in order to be able to register for the pre-conference workshops.

**Note: All times listed below are ET.

Saturday, August 12

8:00 am – 12:00 pm | Innovation in Large-Diameter Pipeline Management

4 PDHs


  • John Norton, M.ASCE, PhD, PE; Director of Energy, Research, and Innovation; GLWA
  • Graham Bell, Ph.D., P.E., Structural Technologies


  • Olivia Brancati, P.E., Civil Engineer III, Phoenix Water
  • Jim Geisbush, P.E., Senior Reliability Engineer, Central Arizona Project
  • Paul Acosta, Quality Control Manager, Tucson Water, Tucson, Arizona
  • Jesi Lay, P.E., Lead Engineer, WaterOne, Kansas City
  • Susan Donnally, PE., Condition Assessment Business Class Lead, HDR 
  • Ron Collins, Past President, JCM Industries 

This utility-focused workshop has 2 sessions on new technologies for pipeline condition assessment and then features two sessions on utility process development and implementation.

Workshop attendees will gain:

  • Utility perspectives on testing, trialing, and implementation of new technology
  • Enhanced understanding of utility data needs
  • Training on utility process development for pipeline management
  • Improved understanding of decision-making criteria for pipeline rehabilitation

Fee: EB: $195 | ADV: $220 | FIN: $245

8:00 am – 12:00 pm | Field Investigation Techniques & Interpretation for the ASCE-38 Standard

4 PDHs

Lead: Blaine Hunt, P. Eng., M.ASCE, M.CSCE, T2 Utility Engineers 

Moderator: Ophir Wainer, M. CSCE, Aff.M.ASCE; Director of North American Business Development; 4M Analytics


  • Phil Meis, P.E. M.ASCE
  • James Anspach,  P.G. (r), Dist .M.ASCE, NAC
  • Lawrence Arcand, P.E., P. Eng M.ASCE
  • Jamie Bradburn, T2 Utility Engineers

This short course will look at different field investigation techniques and the interpretation of the results for the Standard Guideline for Investigating and Documenting Existing Utilities (ASCE 38-22):

  • Equipment and methodology including; pipe and cable locators, advanced geophysics (MCGPR), vacuum excavation
  • Specific issues related to the interpretation of raw field data and understanding of the methodology
  • Professional interpretations of the results and understanding how to apply the quality levels as described in the ASCE-38 Standard
  • Summary reporting and understanding how to provide reliable data for the intended design.

This session will include the use of meta data and how to apply it to your utility investigation.

Fee: EB: $195 | ADV: $220 | FIN: $245

1:00 pm – 5:00 pm | Large Equipment Owners Forum

4 PDHs

Lead: Shelly Hattan, P.E., CCM, M.ASCE; Engineer V, Tarrant Regional Water District


  • Michael Thomas, P.E., Capital Program Management Unit Manager – Engineering, Metropolitan Water District of Southern California
  • Tim O'Shea, Project Manager, Val-Matic Valve & Mfg.Corp
  • Billy Fields, NACE III, CWI III, Accurate Inspections

Owners with pipelines also have large equipment. This forum presents information from various points of view - the owner, the consultant, and the manufacturer. This year the focus is on large valves and how some owners are trying to unify specifications. A discussion regarding the challenges owners have regarding coating/lining valves. A representative from a valve manufacturer will share information regarding best practices owners should be aware of in procuring valves.

Fee: EB: $195 | ADV: $220 | FIN: $245

1:00 pm – 5:00 pm | Force Main Rehabilitation

4 PDHs

Lead: Mark Knight, University of Waterloo


  • V. Firat Sever, QuakeWrap, Inc.
  • Dr. Mark Knight, P.Eng., University of Waterloo
  • Lynn Osborn, PE LEO Consulting
  • Dr. Firat Sever, PE, QuakeWrap, Inc.
  • John Mele, HOBAS Pipe USA
  • Mark Wade, Blue Water Solutions Group
  • Tony Conn, City of Naperville, IL
  • George Gerz, Raedliner Primus Line, Inc.
  • Joanne Carrol, Subtegic Group
  • David Rosenberg, Michels (retired)

Force Main Rehabilitation of pressurized wastewater pipes (force mains) has been gaining momentum as more utilities discover many of these pipes are suffering from corrosion and in need of renewal. In addition to the loads and environmental conditions that take their toll on pipes over time, force mains are prone to hydrogen sulfide induced corrosion particularly at high points where air pockets can form. Based on a webinar organized by National Association of Sewer Service Companies (NASSCO), the goal of this workshop is to provide an educational and interactive platform on force main rehabilitation with speakers from manufacturers/contractors, consultants, owners, and academia. 

Fee: EB: $195 | ADV: $220 | FIN: $245

Sunday, August 13

8:00 am – 12:00 pm | 50 Years Of Success - Steel Pipe Review Of Standards And Design

4 PDHs

Lead: Tim O'Toole, STI/SPFA


  • Dennis Dechant, P.E., Dechant Infrastructure Services LLC
  • John Bambei, P.E., Bambei Engineering Services LLC
  • Brent Keil, P.E., Director of Technical Engineering, Northwest Pipe Company
  • Billy Fields, Inspector, Accurate Inspections, LLC
  • Bob Card, P.E., Chief Pipe Engineer, Lockwood, Andrews & Newnam, Inc.
  • John Luka, P.E., Chief Engineer, AMERICAN SpiralWeld Pipe
  • Bryan Hansen, President, National Welding Corp.
  • Dr. Spyros Karamanos, Ph.D., Professor of Computational Structural Mechanics, at the University of Thessaly, Greece, Department of Mechanical Engineering

This 4 -hour seminar will review past and present standards, steel making, design, manufacturing, and installation over the past fifty years. STI/SPFA members will discuss several design topics including internal pressure, fittings including outlets and harnesses, buried pipe design including a review of soils, welding, and an introduction to steel pipe design for seismic. QA/QC will be reviewed and the STI/SPFA audit program will be covered. Improvements for each topic will be discussed and how that affects the current life expectancy of today’s steel water pipe.

Fee: EB: $195 | ADV: $220 | FIN: $245

8:00 am – 12:00 pm | Direct Steerable Pipe Thrusting Manual Of Practice

4 PDHs

Lead: Jon Robison, GeoEngineers, Inc.


  • Jon Robison, P.E., Principal and Pipelines Discipline Leader, GeoEngineers
  • Joachim Engelhardt, Dipl.-Ing. (FH), M.Sc., Head of Sales Support Direct Pipe, Herreknecht, AG 
  • Norm Joyal, P.E., G.E., Principal, McMillen Jacobs Associates 
  • Andrew Finney, P.E., G.E., P.Eng, Principal Geotechnical and Tunnel Engineer, Jacobs
  • Drew Sparks, P.E., Director of Engineering/Principal Geotechnical Engineer, Laney Directional Drilling 
  • Jeff Scholl, P.E., Vice President, JD Hair and Associates
  • Nick Strater, P.G., Trenchless Practice Leader, Brierley Associates
  • Matt Smith, President, Michels Trenchless

The Direct Steerable Pipe Thrusting workshop will provide attendees an introduction to the Direct Steerable Pipe Thrusting (DSPT) method (also known as Direct Pipe).  DSPT is a relatively recent innovation in the trenchless pipeline installation industry that combines characteristics of horizontal directional drilling (HDD) and conventional microtunneling to install pipelines in ground conditions that would be challenging for other trenchless methods. This workshop will introduce attendees to DSPT equipment and history, cover project scoping and planning, go over geotechnical and other due diligence, talk about geometrical design, discuss steel stress and buckling analysis, explore contractual considerations, and review important construction considerations. Attendees will receive one print copy of the new ASCE DSPT Manual of Practice No 155.  

Fee: EB: $250 | ADV: $275 | FIN: $300

1:00 pm – 5:00 pm | A Comprehensive Look at Municipal Installations of PVC and HDPE

4 PDHs

Lead: Edward Alan Ambler, PE, LEED AP; President; AM Trenchless


  • Jim Williams, P.E., Brierly Associates
  • David Freireich, P.E., City of Round Rock
  • Bob Walker, P.E., VP Technical Development and Standards, Underground Solutions, Inc.
  • Tom Marti, VP Engineering and Technology, Underground Solutions, Inc.
  • Damola Ashaye, P.E., Regional Engineers, Underground Solutions, Inc.
  • Shawn Garcia, P.E., Regional Engineers, Underground Solutions, Inc.

This workshop will provide updates on best practices for designing, handling, and installing trenchless.

  • Attendees will become more familiar with trenchless technology installations and their feasibility
  • Attendees will learn the preliminary planning and design requirements for trenchless technology methods
  • Attendees will learn about the calculations required for designing safe trenchless installations
  • Attendees will learn about case studies for installation of trenchless technology projects.

Fee: EB: $195 | ADV: $220 | FIN: $245

1:00 pm – 5:00 pm | Manhole Rehabilitation And Inspection - 3rd Edition Of Manual Of Practice 92

4 PDHs

Lead: Joanne Carroll, Subtegic Group Inc.


  • Norman Edward Kampbell, Rehabilitation Resource Solutions
  • Karol Giokas, RJN Group, Inc.
  • Lance Rothe, San Antonio Water System

The third edition of ASCE MOP 92 – Manhole Inspection and Rehabilitation will be released by early 2023.

This workshop will provide attendees with current information on standardized inspection, assessment and prioritization through the implementation of decision-making strategies, manhole repair and rehabilitation materials and technologies, quality processes, and design of coatings and linings used for manhole rehabilitation.

Workshop goals include:

  • Present inspection and grading protocol that can provide logical follow up steps to maintain and improve manholes
  • Provide decision matrix that can be used when selecting materials and methods for manhole rehabilitation
  • Provide an overview of available materials and technologies
  • Provide inspection and quality control mechanisms for project management
  • Present design guidelines for full-depth rehabilitation From multiple perspectives including owner, consulting engineer, inspector, project manager and contractor, the workshop will address responsibilities common to all manhole inspection and rehabilitation activities and the processes required to successfully maintain these critical structures.

Presenters will include professionals involved in design, inspection and construction. Attendees will receive one print copy of the third edition of ASCE MOP 92.

Fee: EB: $239 | ADV: $264 | FIN: $289

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