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Public Sector Utility Scholarship

The goal of the Public-Sector Utility Scholarship program is to promote outreach and engagement with the public sector by awarding scholarships to attend the UESI Pipelines conference. Attendance and participation at UESI sponsored events will provide opportunities for public sector utility practitioners and policy makers to engage with industry to expand their knowledge of the trends, tools and technologies in current industry practice. This direct public-private engagement will promote the development of partnerships within the practice and more cost-effective investment in public infrastructure safety. The Public-Sector Utility Scholarship program will provide a means to incentivize public sector employee participation at industry forums and encourage public sector membership in UESI.

Scholarship applicants must be full-time employees of a municipality, local, state or national public-sector agency or public utility located in North America:

  • “Public-Sector Agency” - Defined as an incorporated or chartered governmental unit or local council authority providing infrastructure services, either urban or rural, to cities, towns, local villages, townships, boroughs, counties, hamlets, regions, or districts.
  • “Public Utility” - Defined as a business that owns, operates or delivers utility services for direct public benefit and use. A public utility may typically provide water, waste water, storm water, electric power, natural gas, telecommunications, internet and other essential services. A public utility provides a direct public service or commodity delivery and is publicly owned.

The first 100 eligible applicants have been awarded the scholarship. We will be collecting applications for the waiting list until April 12.

The scholarship award covers registration fees for the UESI Pipelines conference only. All scholarship recipients are responsible for their own travel, transportation, lodging and personal expenses. UESI is not responsible for canceled flights or any other instance that impacts the scholarship recipient’s attendance. Parking fees and incidental expenses are not included and are the sole responsibility of the conference attendee.

ASCE and UESI accept no responsibility for scholarship recipients while onsite for the Pipelines 2024 Conference or during travel periods to and from the event. Scholarship recipients and their employers shall indemnify and hold harmless ASCE and UESI, of any other liability or prejudice arising during or relating to participation in this program.

Professional, ethical behavior is expected and required while attending the UESI Pipelines 2024 Conference and UESI reserves the right to rescind a scholarship at any time without appeal.

Please use one registration form per person. If you are filling out this form for someone else please input their information and email.

Fill out this online form.
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